DX3 Pro firmware update (V1.04)

Date:2018-12-17 14:21
Firmware update of DX3 Pro
Version: V1.04
This firmware optimized the on/off of the mute relay when using USB input. Control logic before is: relay cut the output if there is not an audio stream, which will bring a lot of clicks when using PC. Now current logic is: Relay only cut the output when sampling rate changes, this will avoid pop noise at switching sampling rate but not bring unnecessary clicks.
1, This firmware is only for DX3 Pro. A product will not work normally if updated the wrong firmware. So please double check the model before doing this step.
2, If firmware of your DX3 Pro is already V1.04, you needn't update this firmware.
If a V4.47 drivers required, download it here.

TypeInfo: Driver download

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